April 2019 Recap

  • Final Girls (Riley Sager) – 4/5 stars: a quick read with a great twist! I didn’t really connect with any of the characters, so I would have liked a little more connection with them in order to bump this up to a 5.
  • Vox (Christina Dalcher) – 5/5 stars: I breezed through this one in a day! This dystopian world which tried to silence women was a tough read during this day & age, but it was fascinating to see how it all played out.
  • The Perfect Couple (Elin Hilderbrand) – 4/5 stars: This author is amazing at making me feel like I’m on Nantucket with her writing! Throw in some Emily Giffin vibes & some really intense family drama and you’ve got yourself a fantastic beach read.
  • Miracle Creek (Angie Kim) – 4/5 stars: Lots of threads going on here: racism, honesty, immigration, family dynamics, betrayal, illnesses, infertility, and disabilities. They’re all woven together over the course of a murder trial. A courtroom drama & mystery all in one, reminiscent of earlier Jodi Picoult.
  • The Bride Test (Helen Hoang) – 4/5 stars: Esme & Khai have great chemistry and it was an adorable read. The fact that Esme was chosen by Khai’s mom felt strange to me, but only because it’s really not part of my culture. It was a little far-fetched and over-the-top, but sometimes the best romances are. Thanks to Berkeley & Goodreads for the free ARC.
  • The Last House Guest (Megan Miranda) – 3.5/5 stars:
    This was my first book by Megan Miranda and while I hope it won’t be the last, I can’t say it was a really great read for me. I found it difficult to connect to any of the characters and while there were some good twists at the end, I felt like the multiple locations/rental houses made it difficult for me to follow along with the whole time. Thanks to NetGalley & Simon and Schuster for the advanced e-galley.
  • Lost Roses (Martha Hall Kelly) – 5/5 stars: WW1, especially the Russian side of things, is an era of history I don’t know much about. This novel swept across Russia, Europe & back to the US, telling the story of 3 women torn apart by war, disease, and rebellion. Phenomenal storytelling! I can’t wait to read Lilac Girls, her previous book, and I’m pretty disappointed in myself that I haven’t gotten to it yet!
  • The Perfect Girlfriend (Karen Hamilton) 3.5/5 stars: The main character was a little wacky (and it’s really quite an understatement) and the whole ending wrapped up a little too ambiguously for me.
  • Born A Crime (Trevor Noah) – 5/5 stars: Just phenomenal. I just wrote a post reviewing it HERE: https://mommingandreading.com/2019/04/28/born-a-crime-trevor-noah/
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