Good Company – REVIEW

Thank you so much to my friends at Ecco books for the ARC!

Good Company is the newest novel from the bestselling author of The Nest, which I really enjoyed a few years ago. Good Company examines the lives of Flora, Julian, and their daughter Ruby, as well as Flora’s best friend Margot & her husband David. The title of the novel comes from the theatre company that Julian created in New York City prior to Ruby’s birth, and all of the characters (except for David & Ruby) have ties to acting. Margot stars on a Grey’s Anatomy-type dramatic show while Flora does voiceover work, and Julian continues to run Good Company while also finding other acting roles in Los Angeles.

People who love theatre will find this fun. Lots of behind the scenes theatre talk occurred, which was really fun for me. I also really loved Ruby & Flora as characters, and their mother-daughter dynamic was wonderful to watch. I also really appreciated that the chapters were told from multiple points of view, including periphery characters. I’m also a big fan of family dramas that span many years, so this was a really fun read.

For me, Good Company fell a little bit flat because some of the plot lines in the novel were just very cliche. However, this is going to be a hit with book clubs with so much to discuss about the characters The stunning cover will look great in beach bags, too!

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