REVIEW — Have You Seen Me?

Thanks so much to Harper Perennial for the gifted ARC of Have You Seen Me? the newest novel from thriller writer Kate White. I’ve never read anything by this author, so I was excited to see what their writing style was like.

This novel follows Ally, who has shown up at her Manhattan office without her keycard and needs to be let in by her colleague — who informs her that she hasn’t worked there in five years. She realizes that she’s lost two days of her life, due to unknown trauma. Ally works backwards with the help of her husband, friends, private detectives, and therapist to figure out what the heck happened to her over those two days. She also works with her half-brother and a small-town detective from her hometown to figure out if her fugue state had anything to do with finding a murder victim in the woods as a young girl.

This book was fine. It was very fast-paced and quite readable. I had a hard time putting it down. However, despite the fact that I only finished it a week ago, I’m having a hard time remembering anything remarkable about this story. It was thrilling, but presented a very upper-class view of NYC that seemed unrealistic.

The ending was dull and slightly predictable. It just wasn’t as exciting as the rest of the novel. I don’t want to give anything away, but there were entire sections of the story that could have been cut out and the ending would have still been the same. I gave this a 3/5 for readability, but there are much better thrillers out there.

Have You Seen Me?

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