REVIEW: Tweet Cute

Thank you so much to Wednesday Books for sending me an Advanced Readers Copy of Tweet Cute, Emma Lord’s debut young adult novel. This was a deliciously adorable read that will be super popular when it comes out later this month!

The story is told in two voices. Pepper’s parents own a burger chain called Big League Burger, and they’ve just decided to start selling a special grilled cheese sandwich. Jack’s family owns a deli called Girl Cheesing, where the most popular sandwich’s recipe, passed down by Jack’s Grandma Belly, happens to be the ‘special’ sandwich at Big League Burger. Jack & Pepper happen to manage the Twitter accounts of the two business, and their meme war, ragging on each other’s sandwiches, goes VIRAL.

Image result for grilled cheese
I craved grilled cheeses the WHOLE TIME I read this book.

Pepper & Jack also happen to attend the same school and participate in the same after school activities. They start off as enemies, but end up becoming friends and despite the tough words on Twitter, they actually kind of feel bad about hurting one another. Pepper’s a skilled baker, and Jack is a great app coder, both important sub-plots that play into their story. There’s also lots of fun family drama and some really goofy side characters. I also just loved the use of memes and tons of pop-culture references.

All in all, this book was totally adorable. It was a quick and fun read, and one that made my mouth water! I was craving grilled cheese sandwiches & Pepper’s baked goods the entire time I read this book. If you like enemies-to-lovers YA stories, this one should be on your TBR! It’ll be out on January 21, 2020.

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