Judging 2020 Books By Their Covers!

The old adage says, “Never judge a book by it’s cover.” But, I LIKE TO BE JUDGY SOMETIMES (ok, always). I’m going to look at books coming out in the beginning of 2020 and tell you what I think the synopsis is, then tell you their ACTUAL synopsis in this post!

The Tenant
Out January 2020

MY GUESS: The Tenant is a psychological thriller about a British family who decide to rent out part of their house to make extra money. The person who rents is a young, single male, and soon after he moves in, weird stuff starts happening in the neighborhood, like cats going missing. In the end it’s not the tenant doing the weird stuff, its some old woman down the street who no one liked.

Pretty as a Picture
Out February 2020

MY GUESS: Shallow girls in LA become victims of a serial killer.

Follow Me
Out March 2020

MY GUESS: Follow Me is a sci-fi thriller about how technology has taken over this woman’s life. She’s an influencer and her influence somehow has invited a stalker into her life. First, her stalker happens to be everywhere she is on the Internet. Then, the stalker goes IRL and the influencer must use a nerdy, geeky hacker-type to stop the stalker from getting too close.

From Alaska With Love
Out April 2020

MY GUESS: I think this is a long-distance romance story about a couple that meets when breeding and then adopting this dog, told in letter format. The dog lives, because I refuse to believe otherwise.

My Way To You
Out April 2020

MY GUESS: A woman is widowed and she finds love in the place she least expects it.

A Bad Day for Sunshine
Out May 2020

MY GUESS: A tough-girl beat cop in New Mexico tries to make a name for herself in a male-dominated field, all while tracking a poacher that turns to murder.

What do you think? Am I a good judge? 😉 Check out the ACTUAL synopses here!

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