Whisper Network: Review

I cannot put into words how excited I was to win this book in an Instagram giveaway! I follow a group of book reviewers/bloggers/publicists called BookSparks and they do a huge summer reading campaign every year. This book was highlighted on their list, so when I saw their summer reading list in April, I KNEW I needed to have this book!

This book is about a group of women (Ardie, Grace, and Sloane) who work at a sportswear corporation in Dallas. At the beginning, their current CEO has died, and they learn Ames, their boss who has been ‘whispered’ about, is up for a promotion. Ames starts to target a new, younger female employee — and these women have had enough. They can’t let this guy become the new CEO, not after they start to share their secrets with one another and learn more & more about him.

This book is super timely in the #metoo era. I loved the way the author used a first-person plural POV to introduce many of the chapters; it really made it feel like a collective experience. These sections discussed how difficult it is to deal with being both a woman in the workplace and a mom: how Pinterest actually makes us feel worse, how it is impossible to catch up to men at work because of the mental workload women carry, the double standards in body size. Grace is a new mom, and as a new mom myself, I felt like I could have written her inner monologue. Super, super relatable.

I gave this book a 4.5/5 star rating — only because the women happen to work in the legal department of their company, and I was a little confused on some of the legal jargon. However, I LOVED this feminist manifesto of believing women & telling the truth

And if you need MORE of an endorsement — It was just chosen as Reese Witherspoon’s July Book! (And Reese can do NO WRONG!) It’s available in stores on July 2!

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