Nolan’s Faves of 2019 — So Far!

We are just about halfway through 2019, and we’ve been given & purchased some amazing books so far!

Nolan has been SUPER into lift-the-flap books and animals, so when he got Lois Looks for Bob at the Park by Gerry Turley for his birthday, he was STOKED! He loves looking for the animals in the trees & behind the picnic basket (spoiler alert) and the text is really funny for ME because all of the animals have ridiculous names. Big fans here!

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Shout out to Eli for this great gift!

Like I said, he’s super into animals right now, so we are constantly grabbing Animals from DK Books & Cuddly Critters for Little Geniuses by James & Susan Patterson, illustrated by Hsinping Pan. DK Books are known for their gorgeous photos, and this one is literally just a book of animal photos, categorized on each page with titles like pets, stripes, and ocean. Basic, but perfect.

Cuddly Critters has illustrations of really out-there animals, certainly none I see in a zoo often: a jerboa, a sugar glider, and an aardwolf, to name a few. I LOVE the fun facts that you learn about each animal with the adorable pictures.

Image result for cuddly critters for little geniuses

Nolan is SO LUCKY to have so many great relatives, and even great-great aunts and uncles! We had a family member visit the Grand Canyon and he’s obsessed with the animal photos in a book called Babies, sold at the Grand Canyon National Park, and the text that briefly describes what each animal is doing. When he reads this book, I hear a lot of him saying DOG & GENTLE!

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Thanks Aunty Jeanne & Uncle Alan!

We’re a big fan of Jane Foster’s Colors and Black & White — her books are simple and the illustrations are fun and adorable. Lastly, Nolan has been getting Highlights Hello! magazines — they’re drool-proof, rip-proof, and include a lot of different poems, songs, and photos. And opening mail once a month? THE BEST!

Our current favorites! 🥰

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